Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swatches of Moana and Androgynous by Windestine!

Hello!!  It's a beautiful sunny Wednesday here in Indiana.  I hope you are having a fabulous day as well.

Today I am sharing with you two glitter polishes from Windestine.  This was my first order from this Indie Polish shop.  I'm really impressed by their colors and application formulas.

The first polish is Moana.  She is a gorgeous polish with a teal/turquoise base with hot pink, green, and orange glitter of various shapes and sizes.  As stated by Windestine, this polish was inspired by the many vibrant colors found in the waters of Hawaii. 
The second polish is Androgynous.  She consists of various turquoise glitter shapes and sizes with tiny iridescent rainbow glitter suspended in a dark rosy-mauve jelly base.

I completed both of my swatches with two coats of Moana and three coats of Androgynous.  I completed them with just one coat of Porshe' top coat.  I was really impressed by both of these glitter polish creations.  Application was easy and the glitters flowed from their brushes in an even and uniform way.  All glitters were flat against my nails, thus the reason why they only required one coat of top coat.

Let's see what they look like!!

Her name is Moana!


Now, this is Androgynous!!

See!! Didn't I tell you??  They are both awesome!!  The dark and the light of it!!

 Moana, Androgynous and all Windestine inventory can be purchased through her Etsy Shop
Check out her restock schedule, new creations and all the good things on her Facebook Page.
May your day and night be filled with the most awesome dark and light glitter!



  1. Wow, these are gorgeous. I'm a big Windestine fan, but I haven't checked her shop lately or seen these. Thanks for posting the swatches :)

    1. You're most welcome Cathy!! I'm really in love with both of these polishes and really impressed with Windestine. Thank you so much for your comment! xxxxx