Monday, July 15, 2013

Alchimie and Mysterious From the Fall 2013 Collection Superstition by Chanel


I received an email from Chanel announcing the Fall 2013 Collection Superstition.

This collection is absolutely stunning.  I immediately placed an order for two of the polishes.  My order arrived yesterday.

Do you love greens???  If you do you are going to fall in love with both of these polishes.  Green is to be the new "It" color for fall.

Alchimie is a shimmery mossy-olive color that has a beautiful reflective glow.  She is the lighter green of these two beauties.

Mysterious is a darker mossy-olive cream polish.  I believe that this one has a smidgen of tan or beige mixed in to make it lean toward a brownish green.   Let's talk about sophisticated!!  Mysterious is just that ...... Mysterious!!

I have placed my order for the third polish of this collection.  Why didn't I get it with these two I don't know!!!  My palm of my hand went directly to my forehead for a smack...dah...I should have ordered the other polish too.  It is Elixcir.  She is an amazing medium rose with just a touch of beige to produce a super stunning warm tone.  She also appears to be in the shimmer family as Alchimie.  I can't wait to receive her so that I can show her off as well!!

My manicure was completed by applying three coats of Alchimie to my ring finger nail.   Then by applying two coats of Mysterious to all my other nails.  Both formulas were absolutely amazing; making applications a breeze.  I finished up with my stand by rapid dry top coat, HK Girl by Glisten & Glow.

Which polish is my favorite?  It's actually a toss up!  I love them both for their different I want to wear pure cream or do I want to wear shimmer?  Let's see what day is it???

Here are the two beauties!!

Just a little bit closer now!!

My camera wanted to pick up the brown in Mysterious!!

 However she is a green stunner!!

 I think it is just the way the light hits my nails...brown on...brown off...yes, green!!

So which is your favorite my angels??  It is a definite plus for the fall!!

I purchased my at  Since I purchased two of them I received free shipping.

Don't forget to add a little bit of glitter to everything in your WILL make you sparkle!!



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