Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bling It On Floral by nails inc

Bling It On my angels!!!  We are going to do it in a Floral way today!!!

I purchased the BLING IT ON Floral kit by nails inc.

WoW!!!  It is soooo gorgeous!!!  I know you will love this one my angels!!  You just will not be able to help yourself!!

This fabulous kit contains the polish - Holland Park and Bloombury Way in mini size.  They are both creme polishes.  The kit also contains the pearl and camellia flower embellishments: along with nail glue and cuticle sticks.  I purchased mine through the Sephora webstore.

I do have to admit this is the first time I have ever used embellishments on my nails.  I LOVE THEM!!  They are so whimsy and look so gorgeous on the nails.  It's such a fun addition to your nails if you are attending a special event or just going out on a date.

I completed my manicure by applying three coats of the polish.  I do have to say it was quite streaky to begin with but with each coat I achieved perfection by the third.  I then applied one coat of my favorite rapid drying top coat, HK Girl by Glisten and Glow.

Are you ready???  Here we go!!

Here is how the kit is packaged...Plus the two polishes!!

So how do you like the floral garden I created on my nails??

I hope everyone enjoyed our little walk through this gorgeous creation.

Don't forget to add a little bit of glitter to everything in your WILL make you sparkle!!



  1. Gee I had no idea there were so many nail blogs out there--who knew?
    They are well hidden.

    Patty, I was also a nail bitter and since I stopped a few years ago I am completely obsessed with polish--the more the better.

    I am also a tea lover and a definite cat lover. We have 2 adorable kitties. As for tea, I have green flavored, black, black flavored, white, oolong and rooibos. Is that enough?


  2. Lovely, and looks awesome ! Thanks for the great blog x :)