Sunday, July 29, 2012

Are You Watching the Olympics?

I have been watching the Olympics as much as my schedule will allow me.  How about you? The United States is doing an awesome job.
To pledge my support I altered my manicure in red, white and blue.
I choose Julep's America glitter polish.  I'm sorry to say that polish is very hard to apply.  I struggled to just get it out of the bottle.  In my opinion this polish was very dry.  It's as if Julep put too much glitter in the bottle.  The dryness caused the brush to glop together and become stiff.  It was as if I was using a stick.
I did take photos of this and I must say it looks pretty good.  I applied two coats of SV and I need to apply another coat as the glitter is still rough on my nails.
In my opinion, the application far out weighs the end result.  I will never use it again unless I would put polish thinner with it.
I would love to know if anyone has used this polish and what is your feelings about it.
OK, let's look at the photos.

I wish you great Olympic viewing.  GO USA!!!!

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