Saturday, May 12, 2012

This Is My First Post for Once Bitten Nails

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This is my first post on my new nail blog "Once Bitten Nails". I hope to really enjoy this venture as I begin my trip into the Blog World.
My blog name, "Once Bitten Nails" is based on my true life and how I did bite my nails when I was small. In high school I thought maybe if I painted my nails that I would stop my nasty habit. I had a few trail and errors, however with my goal established I overcame. :)
I have been painting my nails ever since. I have been so OCD about this that I will not let my nails be bare.
I love the new glitters! Well, I should say I'm truly addicted to them. I can't seem to get enough because they are all so gorgeous.
My first photo that I am posting is from two different Indie nail polishes. On all my fingers with the exception of my ring finger is polished with King Neptunium by Whitney at Elemental Styles. My ring finger is polished with Dear Hearts by All That Glitters Nails. I adore both these polishes. They were great in their application and of course A+ in their colors.
Please be patient with me on my photo as this is my first one. I will get better! :) Plus I should have removed my thumb ring.

I hope you enjoy!

<3 Patty

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