Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ladbroke Grove and Dalston of the Leather Effect Collection by Nails Inc London


I thought I would share a little summer leather and a little bling with you today.  You might think leather??  In the summer??  Of course!!

Especially when they are Ladbroke Grove and Dalston from the Leather Effect collection created by Nails Inc of London.

These colors are most perfect for the summer.  You will see when you see the pictures!!

I even added a little bling to my manicure this time.  I've always thought that you should accompany leather with some kind of spectacular bling.

I completed my manicure with three coats each of Dalston on the nail of my ring finger and Ladbroke Grove on all my other nails.  I then completed my manicure with one coat of the shine free topcoat, Matte Finish by butter LONDON.  I decided on a matte finish because I thought most leather had a dull finish.  Although I'm not sure I made the right choice on this...I do believe that most leathers do have a bit of shine to them.

You know I'm truly a glitter and shine girl.  In all honesty I'm not used to looking at my nails and not seeing them throw a glow back at me.

What do you think??  Do you like the matte finish??

Well shoot!!  You can't answer the question until you see the pictures!!  Here you go my loves!!

 I thought I would share a bottle shot with you!!!  May I introduce you to the stars of this post!!

Check out the little bling I added!!!

Never forget the glow of stones with your leather!!

So tell me Angels!!  What do you think???

Don't forget to add a little bit of glitter to everything in your WILL make you sparkle!!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you sweet Lisa!!! They are the best colors for summer!!!

  2. Love it so much! I've been dying to try the Leather Effects for so long now! The summery colors in the matte effect are so unexpected and cool! The stones really set it off :)

  3. Thank you for your comment my love Erica!! They are just perfect for the summer. I'm glad you like my added bit of bling!! <3